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Tue, Mar. 2nd, 2010, 08:37 pm

Well, exactly. But then it's not really different from any particular poker variant in that the skill comes in playing the opponent rather than your cards, and that, ultimately, you're still only playing the percentages (ie there's a lot of luck to guessing what your opponent is going to do), which means that you still need to play a large number of hands to let skill rise in importance.

As a side note, I've often wondered why there are so many variants of poker. The mathematics of, say, Texas Hold'em are essentially the same as Omaha are essentially the same as Stud Poker etc (certainly, the odds of particular hands are different, but the process of calculating those odds is the same). The techniques of playing the people around the table are also the same (as far as I can tell). Yet, different people seem to excel at different games. To be sure, many top-level pros are very good at several varieties. But, everybody seems to have a specialty.

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