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Mon, Apr. 18th, 2011, 07:20 am
MrJoy: You are missing the point.

Git does not attempt to achieve "eventual consistency" because that requires an authoritative notion of The Truth, and Git was explicitly designed to AVOID that.

This is not a design flaw; this is the result of explicitly avoiding what you want.

Authority, in Git, is a *social* matter, not a technical one. And blind merging is explicitly frowned upon -- you should know what the heck you're merging, and be able to make intelligent decisions about it.

But in the event you want to simply disregard a branch, and make a different one "win" when doing a merge, git DOES provide that mechanism: "git merge -s ours".

In short: Stop treating Git like SVN -- it was never meant to be that, and projecting your desires onto it does not make it's unwillingness to meet those desires a "flaw"! If you can't suss out how to establish a social structure that provides the authoritative "single source of truth" you want -- or find it distasteful that you need to address that at the social level, then clearly Git does not meet your needs and you should find a tool that does.

That said, nitpicking about history-tracking as a lament for why what you want will never be -- it just misses the point. Badly. Git will never be what you want because it was designed to NOT be that, period.

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