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Mon, Apr. 18th, 2011, 07:21 pm
zooko: Re: "confusing crap" vs. "nice example"

Now you're making a good argument. (Unlike off-handed words like "confusing" and "crap".)

I don't yet see if it is a correct good argument, though. I don't see a situation in which the user wants a fuzzy match for the merge. Every edge in the graph represents a diff that a specific user approved. This conversation is not about the fuzziness inherent in the production of those diffs, right? (That is a different but related issue so it can confuse discussion.)

So with this graph:

   / \
  b1  c1

assuming that the user who generated the diff from a->c1 generated the diff they intended to, and the user who generated the diff from a->b1 did the same, and the user who generated the diff from b1->b2 did the same, then I don't think the user who asks for the merge of the two branches would ever want the fuzzy solution which ignores the a->b1 edge and the b1->b2 edge in favor of using just the a, c2, and b2 states.

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