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Fri, May. 20th, 2011, 03:14 pm
lensassaman: I almost entirely agree; some nits:

I usually recommend e=2^16-1, but as you pointed out, you're really saying "don't use RSA, use Rabin-Williams."

Ian brought up some of the issues with Authenticate-then-Encrypt; frankly, I'm a fan of the way we handle it in RFC 4880, with the user-verifiable authentication, then encryption, then message authentication.

So, it looks like the only remaining thing I have an issue with is your comments on parameterization; I strongly argue that one should design one's protocol in a parameterized fashion, but provide only one option per needed component. E.g., you need a hash function; fine; design your protocol such that it supports multiple hash functions, but only specify SHA-2. By building parameterization into the protocol, transitioning to SHA-3 becomes a much less painful process.

I say this in part because of the awful experience of transitioning to 160-bit hashes after assuming MD5 in a non-parameterized fashion. Parameterization does not automatically imply multiple choices.

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