Bram Cohen (bramcohen) wrote,
Bram Cohen

Process list for my new OS

The web browser is the new operating system. My own computer is at this point little more than a glorified web browser, with a text editor, command prompt, python interpreter and svn thrown in for the occasional color.

Since the web browser is the new OS, it should really, really, have the equivalent of a process list. I almost always have a whole bunch of tabs open, and firefox is most of the time using a nontrivial amount of CPU doing not much of anything. I have to guess which tab is causing the problem when the CPU gets pegged, and sometimes it seems that even shutting down all tabs doesn't completely fix the problem. Could somebody please implement metrics on how much CPU each tab/window is using, and get the process separation right so that whenever a tab/window is shut down all remnants of it are completely toast?
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