Bram Cohen (bramcohen) wrote,
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  • Practical Cryptography Corrected

    The book 'Practical Cryptography' is perfectly good for giving an overview of basic concepts in cryptography, but its immediate practical advice to…

  • Git Can't Be Made Consistent

    This post complains about Git lacking eventual consistency. I have a little secret for you: Git can't be made to have eventual consistency.…

  • Python wish list

    Now that the moratorium on Python language features is over, I'll put in my thoughts on what new stuff the language could use. I don't have much to…

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Deleted comment

Livejournal's SEO, analytics, and commenting system suck, and I just wanted more control.
THIS is an outrage! Just as everyone randomly started posting to livejournal again, you leave.
I wish you success with new blog!
Will follow you on your new blog.